September 28, 2009

New! Nifty Download-ables

To my Dear Readers,
It is incredibly inspiring and enlightening to receive your feedback and i am very grateful for your support. I have been thinking of a way to give you all a gift to show my appreciation. I've decided to start a new segment called 'Nifty Download-ables'. I will be adding fun & useful things such as tags, labels, cards, and DIY projects for you to download for free!

To kick it off i've made three ukulele themed desktops for your computer. Click on the hyperlink above the image to download. These are high resolution images and may also be printed to be used, for example, as cards or invitations. Enjoy!

The Mermaid Oh, That Man!



Ukulele Guy said...

Yay! These desktops are awesome! I'm going to use the Mermaid one right now. And then I'm going to listen to Flight of the Conchords doing their Mermaid song. Huzzah!!!

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi Ukulele Guy!
Thanks. I'm so glad you like them!

Tim said...

Very cool Shelley.

TonyB. said...

Great Idea Shelley!
I love your designs and the spirit of the way you present your material.

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi Tim, Hi TonyB,
Thanks fellas, so nice to receive these notes early saturday morn while drinking coffee.

(Tony B, i love that avatar. My grandmother had a rooster made out of pebbles and string like that. Do you actually have that peice? It's great.)