September 30, 2009

Big Damn Ukulele Weekend, Route du Nord

I'm going to keep this short because i'm still exhausted from the was that good! Route du Nord is an art route through Rotterdam North and in conjunction with that we, The Uke Box: Held a Ukulele Intervention (ukulele workshop for beginners), Held a Ukulele Infiltration (by walking through Rotterdam North with about 25 ukulele players and playing for the folks on the street) and hosting The Ukulele Jamboree.

This was the 9th edition of the Ukulele Jamboree and the first of the 2nd season. We never dared to have just an Open Mic before. There aren't that many uke players around and we feared that we would be left improvising about 3hrs of entertainment. But, we tried it and what do ya know?....We had 10 acts show up! Big Thanks to The Beast from the East, Pieter Popster, Gertrude Miss Yovonne, Dion & Kate, Yoshimi, Hans de Rhoon, Sylvia van de Berg , Martine Cleintaure and Maartje.

Unfortunately we still dont have the means to film these evenings (we're working on it) and even photographs aren't easy to get while hosting at the same time. But, i did get some. Here is a small slide show of the hilarity. (Don't miss the cool prizes we gave away) And, while you're looking, why not listen to Pink Martini's "Sympathique" performed by the lovely Martine Cleintaure & my-okidoki-self.

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