October 2, 2009

A recipe for World Animal Day...Bad Dog Paté!

October the 4th is World Animal Day so Atticus (the Catticus) and i went into the kitchen and whipped up a little something for the celebration...
Bad Dog Paté!
The grass is made out of Hummus covered in Parsley with sprigs of Chives sticking out. The Poop is made from Aubergine Pate with lots of Paprika Powder added to give it..uh, a 'nice' poop color. The flies are made out of Olives and Onions. Happy Animal Day Everyone! Atticus even wishes all the doggies on the planet his best but he hopes that he never has to experience one of your wet noses in his butt again, Bruno!)
Unfortunately i was unable to upload the film but you can
click here to download a stop-motion of the making of Bad Dog Paté


Deadly Knitshade said...

You people scare me.

I love it. :)

carlos said...

smashed beans would had worked even better for the poop.

Research "frijoles de fiesta". Those could had made wonders here.

Still, pretty awesome, and edible, xD

S - voodoobass said...

ha, awesome!

Anonymous said...

Why is there always somebody with a 'better' idea?

I think it's awesome as it is, without the smashed beans.

It's pate, not a burrito.

Debbie in Jackson said...

I would like to add one of my shrimp trees to the scene