January 18, 2010

Printable Baggage Tag For Your Uke!

As all of us uke players know, the minute size of the instrument makes it very easy to carry along with you anywhere. Also makes it easy to, uh, misplace. And heaven forbid you should lose your trusty Jumping Flea! I've designed a little tag for you should your uke lose its way. On the reverse side there is a handy little chord chart!

Print this Ukulele Baggage Tag, preferably on extra thick paper. Apply glue to the reverse side and fold along dashed line. Allow to dry and then cut it out along the dotted line. Punch a hole through the 'paper eyelet' and use a string or rubber band to attatch it to your ukulele case. For extra durability...laminate, baby!

This Tag is part of my Ukulele Card Set which is available via The Jumping Flea Market.

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Liesbeth en Karl said...

Nifty! (I always wanted to use that word)