January 21, 2010

OooooOooooOooooooo,..... I'm a Night Owl.

'The Uke Box' together with Rene 'Buurman' Verberne*
on Washtub Bass at Café de Ooievaar.
*Rene 'Buurman' Verberne: 'Buurman' means Neighbor in dutch and a swell neighbor he is. He was destined to fall in with The Uke Box. Below is a photograh of him & ukulele at age 5....cute! (He's going to shoot me) After the first evening that we met, he went home and built his own uke....from steel! Besides this, we found out he plays a mean washtub. Handy. Ashame you can't hear the bass very well in the video because dude is taking it for a walk, baby!

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