February 9, 2010

Let's Ukulele on MuseumNight in Rotterdam!

The 9th Rotterdam MuseumNight on the 6th of March will be bigger than ever and promises to be a shimmering experience till the smallest details. For the occasion 'The Uke Box' will be putting on a show in the beautiful Historische Museum Rotterdam, Het Schielandshuis. Under the MuseumNight theme, XS/XL, we'll be using the smallest of all string instruments to make the biggest impression on the evening!

Ukulele Intervention
What? You don't play ukulele yet? We can fix that! We'll have a couple of sacks full of ukuleles with us which we will pass out and within a half hour we will all be playing a song together, accompanied by song and a Washtub Bass.
The Uke Box
Shelley Rickey & Marko van der Horst take you to a bygone era with a charming performance on the most humble of all musical instruments. But, don't be mistaken, this is NOT your grandfathers ukulele!
The Big Damn Ukulele Band
An XL Ukulele Band 30+ Man Strong, The Largest Ukulele Ensemble in the Lowlands!
Ukulele Exhibit
Diverse Artists from Rotterdam have transformed ukuleles into amazing pieces of art. 9 unique examples will be displayed on the evening.

Also on the evening...
Rotterdams Fashion King & illustrator Cargelli celebrates his 80th Birthday. Participate in the 80 Portrets-Estafette from Cargelli & Co and discover your true face. And, dance in the style of the Roaring Twenties Nightclub to the 78's of DJ Blue Flamingo!

All times and details yet to follow. Stay Tuned!

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