February 9, 2010

Ukuleles: Artist's Editions

Lately, i've been asking artists to customize ukuleles for me as part of a new project. An amazing group of artists are participating and there are yet more to come. These ukuleles, along with other Musical Wonders and Curiosities, will be sold in my new Shopify Gallery, The Jumping Flea Market (coming soon!)

The first presentation of these instruments will occur on MuseumNight in Rotterdam at the beautiful Historic Museum, Het Schielandshuis. Participating artists are: Quin de Vrede, Marc Kolle, Rene Verberne, Guido de Groot, Johan Xtra, Daniel van Nes and myself. Here is a sneak preview of a ukulele done by the wonderful, Marc Kolle. Marc is an illustrator often featured in prominent newspapers, magazines and websites.
Click on the image and ZOOM.
The Latin on the front of the Ukulele says, 'The Sun Shines For All Of Us', thus, the Barefoot Angel in Green Pastures and The Poor Devil upon Scorched Earth are both turning towards it. On the back, the musical notes from 'Keep On The Sunny Side' form a halo around St. Ukulelus, The Patron Saint of Ukuleles. He has a flask of fine brandy tucked into his belt and at his feet lay his humble pay.
Wonderful piece isn't it?!! Well, i can assure you, the others are amazing as well. If you are close to Rotterdam on the 6th of March be sure not to miss this fabulous display. And, stay tuned for this and many more fabulous works of musical art on The Jumping Flea Market. In the meantime, if you just can't wait and are interested in purchasing this uke by Marc Kolle, drop me a line!


woodcutter said...

What a great piece of Ukulele art! I think it is great!

Jaynickel said...

Yeah, I like it!

Daniel van Nes said...

Looking forward to having my work up against the wall while you guys are rocking the roof off the joint. Yay!
: )