May 20, 2010

And the winner is...

At the 'Ukulele Jamborees' we always give away prizes. The last edition was held at SPAM, a warehouse for vintage/design interior wares and goodies. So we gave all our prizes a SPAM theme. 3rd prize: A can of SPAM, 2nd prize a Makala Ukulele & a can of SPAM and as 1st prize a Diddley Bow made from a can of SPAM.

When the number was called out for first prize the winning ticket holder, Erik & Nanette Borgman and family, weren't there. (They had to leave early to get the kids home so i agreed to let them have some raffle tickets and take down their email address in case they won, something i usually don't do because it's more fun and less hassle to give the prizes to someone present.) Anyway, when the audience found out the winner wasn't present they began to, 'Boooooooo'. (They booed us!) Well, we had to take action and decided to draw another ticket for a winner in the house and make another diddley bow for the Borgman family. Thus, Everybody wins...YEAH!

When i contacted the Borgmans they wrote back that they were delighted that they had won. (Apparently they kids let out a shriek of gladness!) But, there was just one thing.. they were vegetarians and found the SPAM can Diddley Bow a little sad. Completely understandable. So, i made them one which is much more appropriate for a vegetarian family. 'The Cherry Tomato Singer' made of tomato puree cans which you see here. CUTENESS! Click on image to ZOOM.

Erik picked it up this week and adored it. I've since received an email from Nannette saying how happy they were with it and they will be sending a family picture along soon. By the way, just to give this story a completely radical twist, it turns out that Erik Borgman is a Ball Artist! "A wha'?", you say. "A Ball Artist", i say. Check him out. He has more balls than most...

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