May 22, 2010

"The Sour Apple Serenader"

This is a Diddley Bow that i made with an Altoids "Sour Apple Chewing Gum" tin. Sweet aint it?!

Well, forget the sweetness.... Marko and René rigged it up with a Piezo element (click on the image to ZOOM and notice the jack in the tin) and then plugged it into an amp and DUDE, you can make some bad-ass noise on this sucker. Thanks to Rikke for advising me about which pickup to use and where to find them. Check out the video below to see & hear Marko demonstrating it using various effects and techniques.

A little aside... This project completely opened my eyes to electronics. While looking through electro catalogues i found components with which you can build your own radio! Oh man, i am so going to build my own radio.

This Diddley Bow and many more musical wonders and curiosities are available at the The Jumping Flea Makers Market. Oh, and soon to come, 'The Sour Cherry Singer'!


Rong said...

Amazing! This is going to be one of my summer projects. Thanks for sharing!

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