June 23, 2010

Rotterdamse Oogst

There's a wonderful festival this Saturday in Rotterdam North. It's part of a campagne called 'Rotterdamse Oogst' (Rotterdams Harvest). Their mission is to make more produce from the area available in the area. It is a mix of the best that the provinces and the city have to offer each other. Honest, healthy products, artisanal techniques, farmers wisdom, innovative technology, design talent and a world of flavors. I'm all for it!

This saturday is the presentation fest, 'Zomers Bèèèèhtjes en Bietjes Kinderfeest’ (Baa Baa and Beets Childrens Fest...for children from 0 to 88+). Apparently there is going to be mini gardening, wheel barrow races, planter pimping, a worm factory, guerilla knitting with sheeps wool and Martin Oosthoek is bring a herd of sheep! Besides this, The Uke Box and The Big Damn Ukulele Band will be playing in the Hay Bail Tent! Yeeeehaw! Put your overalls, straw hat and wooden shoes on and have a ball with us on the farm in the middle of the city of Rotterdam!

(Oh, and september is the Harvest Fest at which i am looking forward to conducting a vegetable orchestra!)


woodcutter said...

My kind of festival, wish i was there!

Shelley Rickey said...

Yes, you could bring your pigs, Pinky and Stinky!

I love the concept of this fest. We're really looking forward to it.