June 25, 2010

The Happiest Birthday Wishes...

To the person who has been my biggest support and inspiration both as mentor and friend. A woman whose talents and determination are so great that she is capable of just about anything. But, one so humble that she'd rarely say so herself. Hot Air Ballooning, Working as an EMT with the Volunteer Fire Department, Serving as Planning Commissioner for her hometown of Long Beach - Mississippi, Performing in Biloxi, Mississippi in the mid 60's as a singer and ukulele player, Running McCarter Lane Guest House and Cycling 11,000 miles on her beloved bicycle 'Claire'....this is just a small selection of all the amazing things this gal has done and does.
Besides this she's LOTS of FUN. The type whose house is often full of friends whom she spoils with hospitality and culinary wonders from her kitchen. The one who suggests everyone get together and do something silly and actually gets them to do it. Skinny dipping, sleeping in a van in the French Quarter, Water Skiing with her panty hose still on, spontaneously reenacting 'The Wizard of Oz' (complete with choreography)... she's just so great at making life more colorful,... and this all on a week day!
Her name?...
'Tonda Kae'
She is a powerful force and a beautiful woman
...and thankfully
she's my mom.

Happy Birthday Mom
I Love You and Miss You Very Much


woodcutter said...

Happy birthday to your Mom!

Andy Stone And His Guitar Creations said...

So the uke is in your genes!