October 30, 2010

The Ukulele Jamboree Nr.13 Party Crasher

Was the Ukulele Jamboree, presented by myself and Marko van der Horst, a humdinger of a party? Oh HELL YES!!! The ROTABS was a fantastic venue and we packed the house. More than one hundred ukulele enthousiasts came from every corner of Holland and beyond... Italy, Belgium, Austria, France. Really amazing.

Many thanks to: Yan Yalego from Marseille for his incredible performance, Jurgen Dorrenboom for the super cool 'Party Crasher' review in the entertainment magazine 'NL10' (see below), Paul Posse from ROTABS for being such a swell host, Alexandra Petschar for running The Jumping Flea Market, John for keeping everyone safe, Rene Verberne and Pieter van den Berg for filming the event, The Open Mic performers: Jyoti, Ukulelezaza, Alexandra, Mees, Thako and the super cool Italian dude who's name i unfortunately don't know (see dude holding the accoordeon in the photo below) and especially to all of the audience members and participants in the Ukulele Intervention. Y'all are great fun and we appreciate all of you tremendously!

Click on the image and admire the coolness!


Daniël van Nes said...

And who's there smack in the middle? Right...

Shelley Rickey said...

You Are!!!
nice one!