November 10, 2010

Picture Record

I love this. I would love to have some of these made up for 'The Uke Box'. Okay, i know, most folks don't have a phonograph anymore. Damn shame though. I still have one and there is nothing like playing music from a record. But, the good news is that I have noticed that some artists are having records pressed these days. When you purchase the record you also receive a link with which you can download all the music digitally. I think that is a good compromise. If we ever get our album together, we're going vinyl. Unfortunately, something always gets in the way of us getting our album together so i'm thinking a phonograph card with one song on it would be a good start!


Tart Deco™ said...

I would SO buy this if you did it!

Shelley Rickey said...

: )
Now see, you're my kind of gal!
I knew you would have a record player!