November 10, 2010

GRRR Jamming Squeak

Grrr Jamming Squeak is a sound sculpture created by Paola Pivi which is now located here in Rotterdam. It's a sound studio where you can go in and record during the week and on fridays they have concerts. The deal is that you have to play music with animal sounds.

Marko and i were thrilled to be asked to do one of the friday night concerts. They gave us a disc with more than 100 animal sounds on it. From these sounds we mixed some basic tracks. This was so much fun but boy was it difficult. I don't know if you've ever worked with frogs but man... they are stubborn! : ) Seriously y'all, this was very difficult. I haven't played with a metronome since High School and DANG it ain't easy. Took me two days of cussing before i could get through the damn song without speeding it up during the solo's and thus getting completely off track with the animal sounds. I guess on the night we did pretty good. I do hear myself cutting my singing short because i'm so damn busy listening where the frogs are. I do know one thing... We had a ball doing it! Many Thanks to Dagmar and the sound crew at GRRR. Here is an example of one of the songs we did that night. The animals you will hear are a Tree Frog, Crawfish Frog, Horses Hooves and Grey Wolves.


superheidi said...

Glad to find out what it is! Passing by I couldn't figure out what the place was ment to be. :-) Looks and sounds like fun. Love the frogs!

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi Heidi,
Yes, it's really neat. Halfway Station are playing there in two weeks, on a friday night around 5-ish. It should be great!

Half Way Station said...

yeah! this was my favorite of the night!!! it was soooo well done!!! and off course the song hasn't been out of my head since walhalla :P really guys! it's brilliant!!! xx elma

Half Way Station said...

this was my favorite of the night!!! oh so awsome!! and of course the song has not left my head ever since we played it in walhalla. this is brilliant stuff, guys! xx elma

Shelley Rickey said...

Hey Elma!
Our version with y'all was the most danceable though!!!

Boom said...

Wow! This was absolutely beautiful. It's hard to choose which part was more beautiful, though. The voice, or the ukelele playing!

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi Boom!
Ah, Thanks Gal.
Very encouraging!