February 13, 2011

The Uke Box on De Unie Late Nite Talk Show

The sound isn't great, but the vibe is fantastic! Since it's in Dutch i'll explain a bit of what is going on... Eva interviews us about Ukulele Consciousness in the Lowlands, then Thijs joins us and we teach them both to play 'Jambalaya' by Hank Williams then Marko and i close with our versions of 'Diep In Mijn Hart' bij Jaap Valkhof. Great Fun!


Kalisa said...

Every time I watch these, I can't get over how pretty my friend Shelley Rickey is.

YvonZ said...

Wat leuk dat het gefilmd is, en fantastisch om de big damn ukulele band ook weer even te zien!

Kittie Howard said...

Absolutely beautiful, Shelley! You made my day. And what a great way to end the day...thank you!