February 7, 2011

Uke'n Be My Valentine

If you really want to have 'em swoonin' on Valentines Day,
learn to play 'My Funny Valentine' on your uke.
Chords and tabs follow... My Funny Valentine
[Dm]My funny [A7]valentine,
[Dm7]sweet, comic [Dm6]valentine -
[A#]You make me [Gm7]smile
[Gm6] with my [A7]heart. [Gm] [A7]
[Dm]Your looks are [A7]laughable,
[A#]Yet you're my[Gm7]favorite [A#m]work of a[C7]rt.

Is your [F]figure [C7]less than [F]Greek?
[Gm7]Is [C7]your [F]mouth a [Gm7]little [F]weak?
[Gm7]When [C7]you [Fm7]open [A7]it to speak, [Dm]are you [A#m7]smart? [C7]

[A7]But [Dm]don't change a [A7]hair for me,
[Dm7]Not if you [Dm6]care for me -
[A#]Stay, little[Em7] val - en - [A7]tine, [Dm]stay! [F7]
[A#]Each [A#m7]day is [Gm7]val - en - [C7]tine's [F]day. [A#7] [A7]

Here's a beautiful version by WS64.
Download the tabs here.


bazmaz said...

Hi Shelley

What a great idea for a blog post- you will have a lot of people swooning having this played to them!


Shelley Rickey said...

Hey Baz!
Yes, definitely big swoon potential here!
: )