September 29, 2011

Moving out of Shabbyville and heading Downtown

I used to have one of the most beautiful wardrobes in town but, that was back in the day when i was studying to be a tailor and spent all of my time sewing. Yes, i'm actually a tailor by trade. Absolutely loved pattern making and became a pretty damn good seamstress to boot. Just couldn't stand my clients to be honest. The last thing i made professionally was a wedding dress. She was lucky to make it to the alter...i thought i was going to have to shoot her.

Anyway, The last 5 years, since working from home, my wardrobe has become quite shabby to put it mildly. The only nice clothes i have are the ones i perform in but my daily garb is pretty sad. So, I've decided to spiffy myself up. Kind of difficult though since I'm pretty much starting from scratch. I figured the best thing to do would be to get some really good basics. My choices are inspired by the 1940's, Film Noir, Men's Wear & Harpo Marx. I'm still working on it, but here are some of the pieces i have acquired.
Playsuit: Rumble59
Swing Trousers: HeyDey Vintage
Vest: 2nd Hand Market in Rotterdam
Wingtip Shoes: Zinda
Classic White T-Shirts: HEMA
Grey Knitted Shawl: City Market in Rotterdam
Men's black hat: 2nd hand market
Stockings (without holes in them!): HEMA

Oh, and i received this fantastic pattern in the mail this week which i purchased from MoonStar's Etsy Store. 4 great pieces in one pattern. Fabulous! Don't know when in the hell i'll find time to make them but i can't wait to give it a shot.

You know, I haven't really thought about fashion in quite a while. I've just been so busy creating other things. But i'm really enjoying the thought of being stylish once again. The Tom-Boy in me loves running around in my beat-up overalls but the Southern Belle just adores being a lady. So, Here's to needles and threads!


Tart Deco™ said...

I wish I would have known you wanted that pattern- I have an extra one in a smaller size than I need. That's great that you sew. I wish I had more time to do it too. Once I graduate- I plan on sewing something new every month :)

superheidi said...

Good for you and really like your Harpo inspiration! Those Simplicity slacks are great, easy and quick to make.