September 28, 2011

Pulp Accordions

'Accordion Crimes' is an incredibly entertaining book by E. Annie Proulx. It follows the life of an accordion over a 100 year period telling the unfortunate tales of the personages that come to own the instrument. The journey begins in Italy where the accordion is made and follows it to the new world beginning in New Orleans. The story involves an amazing myriad of cultures, landscapes and is a really fascinating look into the experience of the many immigrants to the United States. I recommend it highly!

And, look at these amazing Paper Toy Accordions! Download & fold these paper accordions via and Canon.

Split-pen, accordion-playing paper doll, perfect for a stop motion animation. And, while you are making your nifty accordion paper crafts, how about listening to the Accordion Crimes Radio Show. Have fun, y'all.

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