September 7, 2011

Guerilla Gardening & Vegaphonics @ Lowlands

Marko & i joined Premsela @ Lowlands for some Guerilla Gardening. Premsela gave away sunflowers in pots which they encouraged the festival goers to plant in amazing places around the festival grounds. The stand itself was a two story vertical garden full of edible plants. Inside you could make seed bombs, do some cooking or make your own natural sun tan lotion.

Marko & i conducted a vegaphonic workshop during which we made flutes from carrots. Each flute could be measured on our 'Peen-O-Meter'(Carrot Tuner) and then cut to the desired note. In the afternoon we assembled a group together and made a Human Carrot Pan Flute. What a hoot! And you know, it's amazing how damn happy you can make someone with a carrot. Oh, and we even got a mention on 3VOOR12!

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