September 20, 2011

Celebrate Animal Day on the 4th of October
By Treating Your Dog to a Beer. A BEER?!

We received this little advertisement paper from our local pet store in the mail yesterday. Let me first translate what the Dutch suggest are fitting presents for your four footers on World Animal Day and then please click on the images to ZOOM and be dazzled:

'Kwispel Honden Bier' or 'Wagging Tail Doggy Beer', alchohol free of course. And what's a beer without a pizza!? I swear that i didn't photoshop this or make it up. And to really get the party going, (I LOVE this part) what about some 'Back-to-the-80's Rubber Chickens dressed up like the Village People'. Man, dogs have all the fun, don't they?. They also sell something called the 'Furminator'. DANG, the dog get's a beer and a pizza and your cat gets the Furminator?! That doesn't quite seem fair, now does it?

Now, i was so puzzled by all of this that i read the next item as a 'Crab Ramp'. I envisioned hermit crabs with numbers painted on their shells having their own little crash-'m-up derby or something. Actually the dutch word 'krab' does mean 'Crab' but in this instance it takes on it's other meaning which is 'scratch'. This is actually a scratching ramp for cats. But who knows, if you have a pet Hermit Crab, they might dig it too. I mean, if a dog can have a beer and a pizza then a hermit crab is entitled to his own stunt equipment, right?

So follow the Dutch's advice... Buy your dog some beer on October the 4th and get wasted with your pet while munching pizza on the couch and torturing the cat with the Furminator... Yeehaw!


superheidi said...

Well, Father's Day seems early this year. ;-)

Shelley Rickey said...

See, that's what i was thinking... they know dudes won't be able to resist this stuff so they could sell it during any damn holiday.