October 4, 2011

Make a miniature of your cat with his own fur!

To carry on the tradition we started last year, Atticus and i made something cool together to celebrate World Animal Day.

Last year we made Bad Dog Paté. Kind of hard to top that one but we finally came up with an amazing project. We made a mini-Atticus out of his fur!

Follow the pictures and instructions below to make your own...
Click on the images to ZOOM.

1. Collect Fur
2. Spread Fur into a 'sheet'
3. Cut out mold from cardboard
4. Wrap mold in plastic
5. Cover mold in fur
6. Dip into soapy water
7. Press wet fur around mold
8. Squeeze in a towel to remove moisture
9. Cut the tail from the bottom and remove mold.

Extra Tips:
The cat-fur felt can be shaped a bit while it is damp to get the right form. Once it has dried you can embellish with beaded eyes or a little collar. Oh, and if you have some fur left, roll it up in a tight ball using the same method above. Your cat will adore playing with it.

For more amazing cat-fur projects check out this book: Crafting with Cat Fur by Kaori Tsutaya


superheidi said...

How cute is that?!

Shelley Rickey said...

Isn't it hilarious. If you make them a ball with their own fur. They go nuts for it. This year i was going to make him a little hat out of his own fur but i don't see that happening today.