March 13, 2012

Without your help, no music. No music, no magic.

Raoul de Jong has been working on this great project for 5 years...5 YEARS! It's a Musical Book called, All The Stars in the Sky. Of course, this isn't all he's been doing during this time. Raoul is a young talented writer, he makes films and also has an awesome children's series called 'Iedereen Kan Dansen' (Everybody Can Dance) on the VPRO television network here in the Netherlands.

But, during all of this, he's worked on his little dream project, the musical book. A book with music and dancing. The book is as good as finished but the last little hitch is funding the recording of the music and obtaining the copyrights to publish it. And this is where we come in! He's trying to fund this by asking for our help via 'Voor De Kunst' which is the dutch version of 'Kickstarter'. I invite you to watch this promotional video. It's in Dutch, but there are English Subtitles.

And why am i telling you about this project in particular? Well, we met Raoul last year after our appearance on De Unie Late Nite Talk Show, and we just completely hit it off. The following week he came over to our house to show us his Musical Book. We saw it in it's raw form and it was already so charming. Great graphics, cool music. Just very original. Anyway, he asked us if we would be willing to do one of the songs. The following week we made this demo of Tous les Garcons et Les Filles by Francois Hardy.

So if Raoul gets this funded, then we and the other artists can go ahead with the recordings and get this awesome little musical book published! Marko and i will be recording two tracks including the fabulous, 'Tame Me Tiger', and boy would i love to do that tune. Grrrrr. So yes, supporting Raoul would also be supporting us and the other musicians that will, or have already made amazing tracks for this book. Once it's finished, it will be available in museum shops and gallery's worldwide and Raoul's dream will have finally come true. Don't you just love a happy ending?!

To show your support, go to the Project Page on the Voor de Kunst Website. There is just one little difficulty... it's in Dutch but, i looked at the site using Google Translator and i'm thinking you should be able to figure it out. So, to translate, go to the Project Page, Copy the URL, Open up Google Translator in another tab and paste the URL in the window and translate it from Netherlands(Dutch) to English. Voila!

Oh, and i almost forgot. Each donation above 30,- euro's will receive one of the 'thank you' packages according to the amount donated. Should you donate 60,- euro's or more. Raoul will make a personalized dance instructional video for your own personal favorite song. Raoul and all of us Thank You in advanced for supporting the arts!

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