March 20, 2012


A series of group portraits are being taken in each district of Rotterdam. 'Noorderlingen' or 'Northerners', photographed by Joop Reijngoud and Linda Malherbe, portrays the citizens living and working in Rotterdam North. Here's the photograph which was taken at our local hangout right around the corner from our house, Café de Bel. It was taken during the weekly Sunday evening jamsession.

I wish i had a portret like this of more of the magical people in those certain special café's where i've hung out. That would be an amazing keepsake to have. Photographs which would trigger a thousand and one stories. But, alas, i will just have to hope my memory does not fail me. Although, come to think of it, all those late nights 'hanging out' probably didn't do my memory much good. DRATS. Anyway, i love this one. The series is being shown now at Rotabs StyleCenter and will eventually be bound together in a book for the Rotterdam City Archive.

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