April 7, 2012

Important Fundraiser Update!

Dear Friends,
Last week Marko and I started a fundraiser to create a parlour at 'The Jumping Flea Market'. In case you missed the previous post please click here to read all the details and then come back to read this update.

So far...
We have raised €1,010! (+ 2 tables and a Towel Rack) We are thrilled about this and Thank all of you who have given us a helping hand. We appreciate your support immensely. But, we are still 2,000 euro's short of our goal of €3,000 which we need to create The Parlour at 'The Jumping Flea Market'. For those of you who appreciate The Uke Box and our various endeavours but haven't made a donation yet we thought we'd give you just a little more encouragement to do so. Here's a list of the neat things you will receive by giving a donation.

All the Goodies in a row
All Donateurs names (with a link) will appear on The Jumping Flea Market website on the 'Friends of The Uke Box' page

Donateurs of €20 will receive a special Thank You package in the mail.
+name/ link on website

Donateurs of €50 will get their name carved in our Parlour Piano.
+ your name/link on our website
+ special Thank You package in the mail

Donateurs of €100 will get a chance to win a Workshop and or Performance by The Uke Box (within the Lowlands) or for those outside the lowlands, you will get a chance to win a special video of us performing your favorite song
+ your name/link on our website
+ special Thank You package in the mail
+ name carved into our Parlour Piano

The Oosterport Theater in Groningen has made a very kind donation of two tickets for The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain on the 20th of April which we will raffle off to one of our lucky donators in the Lowlands on the 10th of April.

How can you donate?
You can donate via PayPal (see PayPal button at the bottom of this post or at the bottom right hand corner of our website: www.jumpingfleamarket.nl) or via our bank account:
The Uke Box, account number: 5729448 under the memo: “I Support The Jumping Flea Market”. Don't forget to note your postal address!

We will be holding this fundraiser till the end of April. Shortly thereafter you will receive an update about the results, a receipt for your donation and the aforementioned prizes.

In closing
When supporting a small creative business, your money goes a long way. It's entrepreneurs like us that help make up the cultural environment of a neighborhood, initiate community projects, teach skills which enrich lives and make life just a lot more colorful in general. Your donation will help make our big dreams for our small creative business come true which will in turn help us to help others. Isn't that beautiful?! We appreciate your support enormously!
Much love,
Shelley & Marko
The Uke Box

Thank You
Your support is greatly appreciated!

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