April 17, 2012

Hi there, Stranger.

You can tell when i get busy, then there just aren't many posts on the blog. So much going on but little time to sit down and write about them. Right now we're very busy renovating a location behind our new shop to create a Parlour and we also have a fundraiser going on to help build it. Have you donated yet? We could really use a donation! Besides this there is the normal flow of performances and workshops and events to do which i have been ill prepared for lately with all the renovating going on.

And our cat, Atticus, well he's not doing a damn thing. Look at him. Snoozing the whole damn day away in an empty ukulele box. Oh, to be a well-loved cat. If you've been busy as hell like me, click on this image and stare at it a while. This is a whole new stratosphere in the world of relaxation. We can learn something from this. Take care y'all. x,s.

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