April 23, 2012

Night in the North!

This weekend we will be opening the doors of our Parlour at The Jumping Flea for the first time during the 'Nacht in Noord' or 'Night in the North'. The 'Nacht in Noord' is an initiative by Powerboat and is an evening filled with amazing sights, sounds and mysteries. Tickets are just 12.50 for the whole evening. We have just 10 tickets left at The Jumping Flea Market so make haste! It promises to be an absolutely unforgettable evening. This from the organization...
"In the night from April 28th to April 29th we will Celebrate the Night in the North of Rotterdam. From 20:00h in the evening until 08:00am the next morning.

A unique night with meetings, places and things, performances and installations that nobody ever saw before. Listening, dancing, building, learning, meeting, eating and sleeping!

We present 3 special Night routes along clandestine locations with exclusive musical acts, (light) installations, rituals and guerilla actions on and around the Hofbogen. For the night owls among us Station Bergweg is the place to be, offering a nightcinema, Caffeinebar, Midnight sjoelen, soup-lab, Wohlwollen (mega Bender), Bed time storytelling and DJ’s. For anyone who wants to do a blind eye hostel Ani & Haakien will open her doors specially for this one night.We conclude the night together with a ritual at sunrise and breakfast."

See You There!

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