September 27, 2012

Not-So-Awesome Roadside Update

Last december i wrote a post titled, 'Roadside Awesomeness in Belgium'. It was about this spectacular giant we saw while on the way to Roeselare, Belgium standing along the E17. We found out his name was Éénoog. I invite you to read this amusing story about Éénoog here.

Now i hate to be the barer of bad news, but i was informed this evening that Éénoog has suffered a tragic death. Someone actually set him on fire. Isn't that sad? Sincerly disturbing.

What did Éénoog ever do to anybody? I mean if you want to set someone on fire, just right off the top of my head i would say Ronald McDonald would be an excellent candidate.  But not Éénoog. This is sad.

Well, goodbye Éénoog. Rest In Giant Peace. We'll miss you Big Fella.

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