October 4, 2012

Good Garbage

Last week i found this great Formica breakfast table in the garbage right around the corner from our house. It's not a repro, it's heavy and the binding around the sides is very nice. I'm guessing late 50's early 60's. Very handy size and i love the color green on the top. Marko found the old wooden folding chairs at the charity shop on our street, four of them for just 2,50 a piece. Sweet!

And yesterday i found two beautiful chairs in the garbage on the same street i found the table. I LOVE the design of them. They are an unusual size. The seat is extra wide and they are really comfortable. Needless to say, i now take a little walk through this street daily.

So, let's talk garbage. Personally, I get a HUGE thrill when i find beautiful things for free (or for next to nothing). Actually, our entire shop has been built this way. Yesterday a vendor across the street said, 'Man, you've got the most beautiful house on the street. Your shop is beautiful'. That makes us proud. It was all put together with hard work, ingenuity and flea market/ebay/garbage/dumpster finds. And you know, even if i had buckets full of cash, i would still be pulling beautiful furniture out of the garbage. It's not embarrassing like some people think. Actually, you'd be surprised how many times i have been struggling to retrieve something out of the garbage and someone would come up to help me. Sometimes even help me carry it home. So when you see garbage, be alert and the next time you spot something awesome...pick it up. It's not just good for the planet, it's great fun. You'd be amazed what you can find.

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