October 14, 2012

Harvesting Ukulele Strings Doc on BoingBoing

Back in August i posted an incredibly long post about the Italian Ukulele Festival sponsored by Aquila Corde, long because it was just that incredibly awesome. Well, what i forgot to tell is that during the festival there was a documentary being made about the Annual Ukulele String Harvest which i too took part in.

The film appeared on BoingBoing today (which is WAY COOL!) And, they also posted the classic 1950's film which it was based on. I love this because of the people in it. Man, there were such great people there. Both incredibly talented and absolutely hilarious. We had a ball there. Great to be reminded just how much fun it all was.

So, here i give you 'The Aquila String Harvest', ROLL 'EM...

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