April 16, 2013

No Beard, No King!

The biggest national celebration in Holland is Queen's Day and it is right around the corner. This year is an extra special celebration.

Queen Beatrix is to abdicate the throne and thus her son, Prince Willem-Alexander will become King. But, there is one hitch...

The people have spoken and they are happy to have a King, on one condition... He has to have a beard. There's been a campaign going on strong for a couple of months now proclaiming, 'Zonder Baard, Geen Koning' or 'No Beard, No King'. I think they are right. Prins-Willem has a bit of a baby face. If he came out on the 30th of April sporting a fetching beard he'd definitely be EVER RULING!

Prince Willem-Alexander                  KING WILLEM-ALEXANDER

Further investigation proves that a King really must have a beard. Take a look at this gallery of mighty impressive Royal Facial Hair.

If you agree, you can support this people's movement by 'Like'-ing the 'Zonder Baard, Geen Koning' Facebook Page.

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