September 27, 2013

Dudes, what's up?!

Full Screen-Shot
of this month's
Jumping Flea Mail.
Look at all those events!
Good grief, my last post was mid August?! Dang. That's pathetic. Blogs are like diaries, when things get going really good, you just don't have time to write it down. Ashame really. Now i feel the need to catch up but if i do that, this post won't get written either. I do hope to sit down one day and recap the summer. It was an eventful one.

What's up now? Lots. Start of the cultural season which means way too many events in one month. Kind of irritating really. There are months that are really horrible for creatives then suddenly, there's so much work you have to turn down stuff because it's all falling on the same dates. DAMN. Anyway, it's good we're busy now. Let's hope we can sustain this momentum.

Besides the varied engagements out and about we are also very busy with upcoming events in The Flea and we've got some pretty damn cool ones, including a Soul-Food Dinner on the 2nd of October -  which i am to cook in a kitchen which we haven't quite finished building yet. YIKES-O-RAMA. I'm sure we'll pull it off in time but man, why do we do these things?! The adrenaline running through me the last few weeks could light up a small village. Oh wait, i know why we did it, because it would force us to finally get the damn thing done. Yep, i see my reasoning now. It was probably a smart decision.. Yep.

More importantly, the main reason we want the Flea to be extra swell is because we have two legendary musicians coming... Del Rey and Steve James. Masters, both of them. Steve James gave a Master Class (Acoustic Finger-Picking Style Blues Guitar) on the 25th which was exceptional and Del Rey is coming next week to give a Master Class (Memphis Jug Band just for Ukes) on the 1st of October and a day later on the 2nd she's playing a parlour concert in the shop while i whip up a classic Soul Food Dinner.

Along with the events we have two ukulele classes starting up, one for beginners and one for intermediates. So, that's the scoop. Oh, one other cool thing...

The 'Maritza', My 3-string Cigar Box Guitar got the white-glove treatment at an art auction by Galerie de Aanschouw during the Wereld van de Witte de With Festival. SOLD! (Awww, Look how sad the handler is to see it go. : ) Me too.

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