October 24, 2013

'All Hallows' Eve'

We decided on the spur of the moment to throw a Halloween Party in the Flea and i think it's going to be an exceptional evening... A Southern Gothic Night of Horror with Murder Ballads, Story Telling, Devastatingly Beautiful Artwork and... Creepy Dancing! Among others, the brilliant Dusty Stray will be performing. He'll be at SXSW next year but first, he's playing The Flea. We'll also have Howlin' Quin de Vreede over spinning the records, writer Eddy Elsdijk telling Horrific Tales and the amazing illuminated artwork by Daniel van Nes. Now if i can just get those Nederlanders to dress up and come over. (The Dutch are not as easy to get dressed up and ready for a party as, for example, the Americans or the Brits, but i'm working on it.) 

Visit The Jumping Flea website for more information!

Let's get this party started!

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