September 20, 2009

Cigarbox Ukulele No.2

Gosh, it's been a while since i posted something on the blog. We're very busy getting ready for the fall season. Lots of great projects and ventures on the drawing board. Next weekend we kick off the second season of the Ukulele Jamboree. Also,'The Big Damn Ukulele Band' is practicing for some guerilla concerts during the Art Route in Rotterdam North. And, most importantly...we're trying to figure out who the hell is going to pay for all this fun! Anyway, this next month will be spent getting all the plans down on paper, setting up some new projects and looking for sponsors. Lot's to do but very exciting.

But, all this paperwork has to be balanced out by time spent creating something wonderful. This winter i have great plans of making as many homemade instruments as possible! I've finally started my second ukulele which i hinted about previously. Here are a few photographs of my progress. Click on the images to ZOOM! First, i cut the sound hole out... Then, i started on the bracing inside the box. Oh, and i also removed the label from the top of the lid and fixed it to the bottom of the box so that it will be seen through the sound hole. This is the neck. I drew the design on to the wood and then went over to my favorite neighbors house (Hi René!) and used his saw to cut it out. Beat the hell out of sawing it by hand like i did last time. Power tools rule! I'm saving up for a saw like this one. Until that time, i sure hope the neighbors dont move! In case you haven't seen my first cigar box ukulele you can see it here and you can hear it here. I think it's the cutest cigar box ukulele in the whole damn world.

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